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Montgomery County and the District of Columbia

Extra Scrutiny = Extra Security

At Surety Home Inspection LLC, our investigative home inspections allow our clients to obtain the securities they need in order to make a protected real estate investment. We are meticulous in our process, putting the entire home under the microscope so that there are no remaining mysteries or misrepresented details about the property’s overall condition.

Having this knowledge is a major advantage for the home-buyer—alleviating stress, cutting down on financial risk, and instilling the confidence needed to stand your ground during final negotiations. A home inspection is your stoutest defense against buyer’s remorse, and we’ll go above and beyond to elevate you to a position in which you are most likely to succeed.

Inspector Ali Nakhaie using a thermal imagining scanner during a home inspection

High-Tech Home Inspections Give you an Edge

Home Inspection Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

We employ the industry’s most cutting-edge technology to provide a home inspection experience like no other—delivering detailed and accurate results that will uncover potential issues that may have otherwise remained undetected while your due diligence window is still open

Home Inspection Thermal Imagining Scanner

Thermal Imaging Scan

If you request it, we’ll include a full thermal imaging scan and preliminary radon test with your home inspection—an incredible value with absolutely no upcharge!

Home Inspection Roof Drone

Drone Roof Inspection

A drone roof inspection can be added to your inspection service, allowing us to comprehensively inspect roofing systems that are inaccessible to ordinary foot traffic—while also preventing the extra wear and tear that can occur when certain roof applications are walked upon

Smartphone showing an online home inspection report

Detailed Inspection Reports With Audio & Video

Immediately after we finish inspecting the last item in your prospective home’s construction, we’ll review and edit our notes—sending you a detailed and easy-to-read inspection report as soon as possible.

We take a slightly different approach to inspection reporting than many other professionals in the field, opting to include audio, photographs, and video clips to help clear up potential confusion and to give you a more well-rounded perspective of what an existing issue may entail. We’ll also highlight the strengths in the home’s construction so that you can more easily weigh the pros and cons of an investment if you were to close on the home today.

Proudly Serving Montgomery County, MD and the Surrounding Region

Our extensive catalog of home inspection services are available to clients in Montgomery County and the District of Columbia.

At Surety Home Inspection LLC, we know that there are no guarantees when you set out to buy a home—but by providing a superior home inspection, we strive to help get you as close as you can to a sure thing. With an improved understanding of the home’s overall condition, you’ll be primed to make the most informed decision possible. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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